The sector in which graduates in Singapore are focused for employment is ever evolving – but one thing is clear. Tech is king.

According to the annual Singapore Graduate Barometer study done by GTI Media, many Singapore youth are increasingly interested in pursuing a career in technology.

With the digital economy set to bounce back after the pandemic, the Fintech and Information Technology is the top sector graduates look to seek employment.

Possibly attracted to the economic stability brought about by working in the financial technology industry, many graduating students in Singapore are looking at tech firms for employment. This is a well-informed choice since, according to the 2020 JobStreet Salary Report, the tech industry pays the highest average monthly incomes in the Singapore job market.

Some of the most job prolific sectors in this industry are AI, robotics, data development, computer software, and cybersecurity, according to HRM Asia, in the article, Singapore’s Most In-Demand Jobs in 2020 written by Daniel Teo.

Source: The Most Popular Job Searches According to Singaporeans

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