Icon is honoured to be partnering with both Singapore Mental Health Association (SAM Health) www.samhealth.org.sg and Samaritans of Singapore (SOS) www.sos.org.sg


We will focus on giving our support to raise awareness and funding for what we believe are some of the most vulnerable people in society.  Those suffering with Mental Health and Self harm/Suicide issues. 


Mental Health is an issue that people find uncomfortable to talk or even acknowledge due the stigma attached to it.  Mental illness is like any other illness where if treated early and correctly people can manage, recover from and lead normal and happy lives.


Self-harm and suicide is an issue that has even more stigma attached to it.  So much pain could be saved if we as a society make it more acceptable for people to understand its okay to reach out for the care,  attention and support they need without fear of judgement.


Both SAM and SOS do an amazing job in helping support people suffering with these issues and Icon will be donating both our time and profits to help their causes.  If we can even help save one life we will be immensely proud.


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